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Photo Credits : Chateau Dominque via Cote De Texas

There is a captivating force that goes beyond luxury and design when it comes to interiors or spaces decorated with antiques and treasures from the past. Perhaps it's that these old aged furnishings still haven't lost their place in our new world, or maybe it's the careful consideration the artisans took in crafting each piece. Either way, a home astutely decorated with antiquites is always one that is engulfed in charm, style and opulence. Especially today, in our world filled with disposable goods. Pressed materials to create wood-like, hollow metal tubes create iron-like, even acrylics can make glass-like. The labourious work of artisans is invalubale. Blacksmiths, woodworkers, carpenters, tailors, and all craftspeople alike, will continue to make furniture and fixtures that will long outlive our lives, to be enjoyed and admired by future generations. Perhaps this is the most fascinating aspect of all, as we focus on a cleaner earth, we can invest wisely on useful objects from the past that are still essentials today, and buy new superior products that will exist well into tomorrow.
Images above from Chateau Domingue, an importer of European reclaimed and architectural elements, and fine antiquities. Everything from flooring, doors, gates, furnishins, lighting and garden monuments.
Thanks to Joni at Cote De Texas for her original post on Chateau Domingue, and sharing the images.

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  1. Well said! This is absolutely true. I am a firm believer in heirlooms and reshuffling family furniture whenever possible. There are times my children want new things in their homes but it's not often. There is a really warm and comforting feeling having beautiful familiar things around you. The photos you posted are gorgeous! The patina is perfect on each and every one of those pieces, including that amazing gate.

  2. These images are breathtaking and you words are music to my ears! It is the history in the pieces we surround ourselves with that make the space and the experience meaningful.

    Tricia - Avolli

  3. Beautiful images and lovely words...very true. I adore that table in the last picture!

  4. I thought this looked familiar!! I so enjoyed Joni Webb's posting on this very place and her fascinating story to go along with it. I can see that you derive as much from Cote de Texas as I do. Good for us!!

  5. It's so wonderful to see a post like this! My husband is a restoration carpenter and custom furniture maker. I know first hand how much time and effort goes into making lasting work. It's great to read that the appreciation for the amount of work and knowledge that goes into creating heirloom pieces is not lost!

  6. I love those images. This is defenitely my style! I love antique, brocante and the old furniters that remainds to old memories. Then , the palette color white are my fav EVER!

    Hope you'll come to visit my blog too...Love your!
    Have a nice weekend!

  7. Oh my! Your blog is sooo beautiful!
    Love this post! It's absolutely my style!


  8. These images are wonderful! Antiques are certainly something I love. They add lots of charm and caracter to the room. Beautiful!


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