Perfect Penthouse


Acrchitectural Digest Nov 2006
Interior Architecture by Ferguson & Shamamian/Interior Design by Mariette Himes Gomez,
Photography by Scott Frances

Two New York Penthouses merge to become one fantastic Family Home. This neo classic design is elegant and sophisticated. The the creamy white tones, warm and inviting. The furnishings are exquisite. With all it's high style, the most impressive thing is that this home feels lived in. Visions of children eating pancakes at the breakfast table,reading books in the den, drinks on the terrace and dinner parties in the Dining room. This home is the perfect balance of style, sophistication and comfort!

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  1. When can I move in? I love the color palette. The champangne with the jade green accessories is so beautiful and soothing. The interiors plus the amzing NYC views are perfect. I love it!

  2. I know... I can just see my family moving into this space.. and enjoying the city with all the suburban comforts..

  3. Ney york is the city of my love I'm from Italy and I'd like to move there , I think about every day! I'll be ok with the smallest apartment in the city but if I cuold have this terrace where to have dinner with family and friend at the end of a hard day in fron at the amazing skyline, it will be a dream comes true!

  4. I love the interior designing on everyone from this wesite. I believe it brings out the beauty to each one. I certainly understand why it is called perfect penthouse.

  5. There is an amazing feature on Ferguson & Shamamian that discusses what inspires them to create dream homes! Check it out, you won't be sorry!!


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